Minh Thanh Materials Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2011 with the purpose of supplying household products to Vietnamese families. We have been trying to research, produce and create more products to improve the quality life and utilities for every families in Vietnam.


We have been trying our best to help consumers feel comfortable in life with the help of best quality products and gain the highest trust of every customers; It is a core value and a source of inspiration and challenge for all members of Homelux to improve the quality life and facilities for every Vietnam families.


We have a mission to provide high quality products and the highest service for all customers.

– Build and expand cost-effective distribution network.

– Be the strategic partners of choice for all our customers to achieve high returns on investment and improve the quality of life for every Vietnam families.

– Respect all opinions of customers and partners, which helps us to improve and provide higher quality products.

– We believe and adhere to the target values.


Homelux products: Bathroom Tissue, Kitchen paper towel, Facial Tissue, Napkin Tissue,… All Homelux’products are innovative in multi-function and best packing, competitive price and suitable for all consumers. These advantages allow us to continuously expand our market, and help us to whole families in Vietnam.

Homelux’ brand is the exclusive trademark of Minh Thanh Materials Equipment Co., Ltd. Products are manufactured on advanced technology; Made from 100% pulp, do not use any bleach. Homelux’ products are delicate, pure, soft, comfortable and soft for sensitive skin; a promise of Homelux quality.

Homelux is the perfect choice for the whole family at anytime, anywhere.